Parentage (Paternity)

Parentage cases in Illinois involve sometimes complex issues of custody and support, and are comparable in their intensity to some divorce. A parentage case involves establishing legal rights and responsibilities in the context of the birth of a child outside of marriage.

If you are a putative father of an unborn or newborn child, contact Michael Roe to determine your rights with regard to parenting, visitation, and support. There are a number of important legal steps that need to be taken to protect and preserve your legal rights prior to and following the birth of a child you believe to be yours. DNA testing is one possible important step, and it is important for all putative fathers to register online with Illinois’ Putative Father Registry. Once a putative father is legally established to be the father of an Illinois child, the court can enter temporary, and then permanent orders affecting custody, visitation, and support.

If you are an Illinois mother that has given birth to a child, and you are concerned about the father’s role in supporting and parenting the child, contact Michael Roe at (331) 222-9161 or contact us online for counsel regarding your rights to establish the putative father legally, and to secure his involvement in the support and parenting of the child.

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