Child Custody

Michael Roe represents the needs of children and the rights of parents in custody disputes. He works hard to secure enforceable custody arrangements that serve the interests of the children in having a positive, loving relationship with both parents. He has graduate level training in psychology, and have been interviewed in the media (Chicago Tribune, New York Post) concerning psychological issues in divorce.

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The effect on children can be the most painful part of divorce. Michael is experienced in litigating and negotiating effective custody agreements that serve the needs of the children and the parents. Michael Roe works with clients to determine custodial arrangements including:

  • Joint custody and shared parenting plans
  • Sole custody arrangements with visitation plans
  • Parenting Agreements that meet the unique needs of the parents and kids
  • Custody and parenting agreements for unmarried parents

Many custody cases are complex, and Michael most often recommends the use of clinicians in evaluating the best interests of the children in the family. He has worked with a number of psychologists who perform highly skilled custody evaluations for the DuPage, Kane, and Cook County courts, and has achieved some unique and very positive results for clients employing the skills of these experts in child custody matters.

Petitions for Removal (Relocation Out of State)

Whether you a residential parent looking to move out of state, or you are the non-residential parent (often times, the Father) seeking to prevent your children from leaving Illinois permanently, we have the experience in these removal cases to help you achieve your goals. When a parent wishes to remove a child permanently from Illinois, that parent generally needs to seek the permission of the court. The court will, in turn, look at a number of factors to determine whether the move away of the children is in their interest, and whether the move will severely impact the non-residential parent’s relationship with their children. We have represented clients on both sides of these cases, and endeavor to tenaciously represent the interests of the children in these cases in helping achieve a goal that is, in the end, best for the kids.


In addition to custodial agreements, we also assist parents in the drafting of visitation agreements. These documents establish agreed upon visitation rules and seek consistent and nurturing visiting environments. Some agreements call for fixed visitation rules. Others include visitation rights of grandparents and other family members.

At the Law Offices of Michael F. Roe, we concentrate on matters of family law. We handle divorce, child support, and cases of domestic violence.

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