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Post Divorce Issues

The Law Offices of Michael Roe has strong experience representing clients in matters concerning the modification of orders previously entered by the court in an underlying divorce or family law case. These matters can include petitions to modify child support, upward or downward depending on a change in one party's income or circumstances, and petitions to modify custody or visitation to accommodate a change in the well being of the children of the prior marriage. Michael Roe has found that many times in the underlying divorce, certain issues were not addressed or considered that bear upon the developmental well being of the children, and steps need to be taken in the years after the divorce to modify residential custody or visitation schedules to suit the best interests of the children.

If, in the year or years after your divorce or underlying family law case is resolved, you find that there are changes in the financial picture or substantial changes that affect the health and safety of the children, contact Michael Roe at (630) 232-2400 or contact us online for more information about your alternatives in pursuing a change to the court's prior orders, if possible, to address any problems that have arisen.

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