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Domestic Violence

Obtaining and Defending Orders of Protection
Domestic violence is the secret scourge of modern society. Too often, it is kept buried beneath a couple's public facade. The happy pair you know could have a hidden life of physical and emotional pain behind closed doors. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence - your relatives, your friends, your neighbors. Once domestic violence enters into someone's life, it can be very hard to emotionally and mentally remove its scars. Besides the psychological damage to a person's sense of trust, the likelihood of someone encountering domestic violence again is high. Many children who are abused or witness abuse will grow up to either become abusive or victims of domestic violence. The vicious cycle often has no end, and can continue indefinitely without the right support and/or therapy. Illinois recognizes the tragedy that comes with domestic violence and has developed the Domestic Violence Act to provide the victims of domestic violence with a path to protection. Michael Roe represents victims of domestic violence in obtaining Illinois Orders of Protection.

False Accusations?
While the Illinois Act is a useful shield against violence, the Act has been wrongly used as a sword in an effort to make a false accusation of abuse, particularly in a custody case. Michael Roe has written about these false accusations in the context of a partner with a Borderline Personality Disorder, where the disordered violent partner accuses the healthy partner of abuse. If you believe you have been falsely accused of abuse, talk to our firm...we have successfully defended these tragic cases, and brought justice to an unjust situation.

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