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Borderline Personalities

Many family law cases are stressful and impact the health and well being of the parties. Cases involving borderline or narcissistic personalities, however, exact a more serious toll on the non-disordered partners and family members.

Michael Roe has written in the area of family law and personality disorders, and has been recognized as an expert in areas of personality disorders in divorce, parental alienation, and false accusations of abuse in the context of divorce and custody litigation.

Individuals with borderline personality disorders (BPs) can appear in public to be charming, competent, and friendly. This normal appearance is a facade. Within their family systems, the BP acts out...raging, threatening, manipulating... in an abnormal and harmful effort to control their partners and families. These acting out behaviors are very harmful to the marriage partners of the BP, and to the children of the marriage. Many BPs in a divorce:

  • make false accusations of domestic violence

  • make false accusations of sexual abuse against their partners

  • try to alienate the children from the healthy parent, thus depriving the children of a healthy, normal childhood (Parental Alienation).

If you believe you are in an unhealthy relationship with a Borderline or Narcissist, and worry about how to protect yourself and your children in a divorce, talk to Michael Roe. He is a nationally recognized authority on BPD and NPD in family law, and can help you navigate these very difficult waters. For more help and information, go to, and read William Eddy's book, Splitting.

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